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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Corridors of Power

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth./PATRCIK VIDIJA
Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth./PATRCIK VIDIJA

Have some Nairobi MPs who have been pushing for Peter Kenneth’s candidature for governor decided to beat a retreat? Our moles suggest that the MPs have decided to concentrate on their own reelection after it emerged that other Jubilee aspirants for governor in Nairobi are sponsoring rivals in their constituencies. One of the MPs was said to have decided that it was no longer tenable to push for PK as his rivals made headway in his constituency. We are told that the man has demanded a huge advance payment from Murang’a powerbrokers if they want him to continue with the campaign. But it appears that the Murang’a tycoons are not interested in his Sh100 million demand.


A commissioner with the ODM National Elections Board is under siege. The commissioner has been bragging and intimidating aspirants seeking the party ticket for various seats that he is the man in charge and will determine who gets the nod and who doesn’t. Recently at a hotel in Nairobi, the NEB official openly told a Nairobi parliamentary aspirant that he doesn’t need to waste time and resources as his opponent will get the ticket. While the NEB was on the spot in 2013 for dishing out tickets to aspirants, a move that compromised its primaries, which were bungled and rigged in some areas, officials have yet to learn from the mistakes of 2013 that largely contributed to losing many parliamentary seats. The official is now back at it again, claiming that he calls the shots at Orange House and that nobody will get the ODM ticket without his consent. Now aspirants are so frustrated and if nothing changes they might consider leaving the party.


A senior bachelor who was elected after hiring a “bride” during the last general election is at it again. He has hired a gorgeous university student from his home county to help his reelection bid and perform the duties of a “wife”. The 23-year-old will be required to walk with the MP down the campaign trail, introduce herself as the bona fide wife before the electorate and get paid - handsomely. She has already deferred her studies for one year to concentrate on her new assignment and role that could change the course of her life for some time. She was reportedly paid Sh300,000 for the eight months she took the then prospective MP around prior to the 2013 poll.

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