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Monday, July 24, 2017

[Audio] Tim Njiru's wife response to Chelah Yegon's public admission of her crush on TV star

Newlyweds Tim and Pamela. Photo/ Ben Kiruthi
Newlyweds Tim and Pamela. Photo/ Ben Kiruthi

Media personality Tim Njiru is flattered by the attention of Chelah Yegon who rose to infamy after her kinky sex-tape leaked to the inter-webs.

She posted a photo of Tim on her Instagram telling the world that she 'crushes' hard on him. Here is Tim's reaction to her online attention and her sex tape.

Tim Njiru who is currently doing some TV hosting and production work for a number of shows said he doesn't mind the attention.

"Oh wow," he said laughing, "I have no idea! Well, That just makes me feel like Tim! " he said responding to a question about being Chelah's MCM.

He told Word Is, "For someone like Chelah to put me as an MCM, it goes to show she is a normal person and she likes normal people like Tim. I love her too. I love those who love me back."

Asked how his wife feels about all these female attention showered on him on social media, Tim said, "My wife always calls them 'Mafans'. We try as much as we can not to focus about life out there."

Tim also said that their Valentine's Day was "intimate and private. There was cake and a few drinks".

So, has Tim watched Chelah's much talked about leaked sex tape?

"What is the point of watching a sex tape? It is like looking for a plot in a porn," he said with a gaffaw, "They are just doing their thing."

Tim is not averse however, to hearing people's opinions about the sex tape.

"I would be very interested to know what people said about it," he said diplomatically.

You can listen to the entire conversation here...

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