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Sunday, July 23, 2017

100 cattle dead in Lamu in two months, says vet

A cattle carcass in Lumshi village in Lamu.
A cattle carcass in Lumshi village in Lamu.

At least 100 head of livestock have died in the past two months in Lamu county, which is hard-hit by drought.

The majority of these have been in Lumshi and Pangani in Witu. County veterinary officer Gichohi Mathenge yesterday said besides drought, the biggest problem is trypanosomiasis disease transmitted by tsetse flies.

Herders in Pangani, Lumshi, Chalaluma, Dide Waride and Hongwe said their livestock show signs of fatigue, collapse and die.

They expressed fear of losing all their livestock if the drought persists. They called for livestock feed and drugs.

Mathenge urged herders to be on the lookout and report any worrying symptoms.

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