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Monday, June 26, 2017

Elders want state to probe ‘Duale’ audio

Former Garissa county council chairman Amey Dubat Addressing the press in Garissa town on tuesday.
Former Garissa county council chairman Amey Dubat Addressing the press in Garissa town on tuesday.

Garissa elders have urged Kenyans to desist from confrontational politics as the country prepares for the August 8 election.

The elders were reacting to an audio recording allegedly attributed to National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale urging Somali youth to attack the Kamba community in Garissa town.

Duale has dismissed the clip as “concocted propaganda”, saying it was corrupted. He has recorded a statement with police. Duale blamed his opponents for the audio.

The elders yesterday said the Kambas have co-existed peacefully with the Somalis for decades.

Led by former Garissa county council chairman Amey Dubat, they urged the government to authenticate the content and origin of the recording.

“The government has the machinery and institutions to investigate if somebody has committed a crime. We don’t want political mob justice. I want us to remain calm,” Dubat said.

He urged hopefuls to stop using the recording to gain political mileage. “These rhetorics that Kenyans are being subjected to do not add value to our maturing democracy,” he said.

“Some of our leaders have no agenda and should [therefore] not use such [incidences] to incite communities against each other. This must stop.”

Hussein Shill said the Somali community has nothing against the Kambas and the recording is a “lie” meant to cause disharmony between the two communities. “I want to assure the Kamba community that we are not at war with them,” he said.

On Sunday, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka threatened to write to the International Criminal Court to notify the prosecutor that if violence occurs in Garissa, Duale should be held responsible. He said the Garissa Township MP’s utterances can lead to anarchy.

But on Monday, Duale said he is not afraid of the ICC as he has been there 39 times. “We will not be intimidated by people who want to take us back there,” he said.

”I know ICC in and out ... I know the law and the prosecutors.”

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