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Friday, July 28, 2017

MRC changes tack, tells people to vote

The outlawed Mombasa Republican Council during their meeting. Photo Elkana Jacob
The outlawed Mombasa Republican Council during their meeting. Photo Elkana Jacob

The separatist Mombasa Republican Council, which has long said Coastal people should not vote, has urged residents to register for next year’s elections.

Speaking to the Star in Marikiti, Mombasa, on Tuesday, MRC secretary general Hamza Randu said Coast MPs have failed residents and should be voted out.

“Elections are all about democracy and we cannot tell people not to go for voters’ cards,” he said.

“They need to go for as many cards as possible so they can exercise their democratic right when the time comes.”

The electoral commission began a month-long nationwide registration of voters on March 15.

Randu accused Coast legislators of failing to champion the cause of residents.

He said the MPs have sponsored few bills in Parliament since they were elected.

“Coast MPs are a disgrace both within and outside Parliament,” he said.

“To date, almost four years since they were elected, there is nothing of note they have done in Parliament.”

Randu said the legislators should be subjected to public scrutiny to explain what they have done for the people.

He said the problems plaguing residents are of their leaders’ making.

Randu called for a proper public audit.

“Residents have the power to compel them to work or be voted out,” Randu said.

He said Coast leaders have failed to mobilise residents to take voters’ cards.

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