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Friday, July 28, 2017

Artists have strong opinions about life

The Disasters of War by Fracisco Goya, 1810, and The War series by Otto Dix, 1924
The Disasters of War by Fracisco Goya, 1810, and The War series by Otto Dix, 1924

No two people see things in the same way. Creativity, whether in business, science or art, is a gift. How we see things affects our choices. Every decision we make is based on our opinion, on what we have to say. Opinion is what drives us forward and compels us to make things better.

The ideas could be old, what's important is that what we say about them is new or different. Once we discover what to say, life becomes a source of creative inspiration.

German expressionist artist Otto Dix went to World War One a naive young man only to return scarred both mentally and physically.

Traumatised, he produced a series of prints called 'The War' condemning death and devastation. He based them on works by great Francisco Goya 'The Disasters of War', produced a century earlier.

The message by Dix and Goya may have been the same — both artists witnessed horrors of conflict — but both saw it in different ways. Goya — the crude acts of violence, Dix — its horrific consequences. If you want to be heard, have an opinion!

Alla Tkachuk is the founder of Mask School for Creativity and Innovation, email: [email protected]

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