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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Under Jubilee, Kenya will triumph over terrorists, economic saboteurs, prophets of doom and pessimists

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during a prayer Rally at Ruiru stadium, September 2013. Photo/FILE
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during a prayer Rally at Ruiru stadium, September 2013. Photo/FILE


The Jubilee administration's agenda on national security, economic governance, war on graft, infrastructure development and the delivery of its electoral promises are firmly on course, gaining momentum along an upward path. Without a doubt, Kenya faces many challenges, but there is greater confidence that we have what it takes to overcome them in time.

The Jubilee idea of one united national movement which gathers all Kenyans under one political roof and mobilises our solidarity and ideas in a unified direction is resonating powerfully throughout the country. Jubilee's political reverberations are stunning a clueless Cord into a stupor, delirium and utter confusion.

ODM continues to be a closed, parochial, tribal, violent, repressive cult of personality overhung with the menacing spectre of wanton chaos. Its grassroots nominations are deadly fiascos and its leaders predatory and feckless as ever. Wiper is contending with apathy in its strongholds and fatigue over its severe deficiency of vision and credible development agenda.

Ford Kenya is hampered by a dissonance arising from excess aspiration and miniscule stature, scarce support and imperceptible impact.

The entire Cord leadership is hobbled by corruption of the past and kleptomaniac fantasies. Led by Odinga, Musyoka and Wetang'ula, they are projecting their venal proclivities and penchant for abuse of office on the Jubilee leadership.

All we can learn from their recent tirades is that the Opposition brigade expects public office to be an opportunity to loot, and imagines that government is doing so with official sanction.

Kalonzo Musyoka easily distinguishes himself as the Founding Father of NYS scandals. Among his well-known exploits is the grabbing of 2,000 acres of NYS land for use as his private ranch in Yatta.

Moses Wetang'ula, whose feckless ways earned him the nickname "Black Moses" long ago at the University of Nairobi, has mastered the international dimension of corruption through his involvement in the sale of Kenya's embassy in Tokyo and more recently, his fetid dalliances with Big Tobacco multinationals. Wetang'ula is the poster boy of corruption's cancerous nature.

But it is Raila Odinga who remains the oligarch of official graft and the doyen of economic sabotage.

It must never be forgotten that the Kisumu Molasses Plant was a government parastatal intended to inject economic development in Nyanza, when it was thoroughly impoverished under the Odinga dynasty's leadership.

In a move that has come to characterise Odinga's economic sabotage strategies, Raila went out of his way to court, join and lead KANU so that, as minister, he could appropriate the government asset to be his family's flagship entity. Odinga used his slyly acquired official position to "buy" the Molasses Plant for a peppercorn consideration as Spectre International Limited.

This company only thrived when Odinga could coerce state-owned millers


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