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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The South Sudan peace forum

Juba University deputy vice Chancellor Alfred Lokuji
Juba University deputy vice Chancellor Alfred Lokuji

The Rift Valley Institute organised a forum bringing together leading chiefs from five states of South Sudan in Nairobi last Saturday. The forum together the chiefs to discuss the current crisis in the country and they and other traditional leaders played where peace was concerned.

The chiefs included Nyuong Danhier Gatluak the paramount chief Nyuong Nuer, Unity State, Wilson Peni Rikito, the paramount chief, Zande, Western Equatoria, Simon Lokuji Wani the chief of Bari, Central Equatoria and Jacob Madhel Lang Juk the paramount chief, Tuic Dinka, Warrab State.

The forum included a panel of leading South Sudanese intellectuals like Juba University deputy vice chancellor Alfred Lokuji and Sudd Institute co-founder Jok Madut.

It was supported by the South Sudan Law Society, the Sudd Institute, the Gurtong Trust, the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and support from the Swiss Agency for Development.

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