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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

19 ‘gay’ students are sent home

Activists wave the gay pride flag in a past protest in Nairobi.Photo/File
Activists wave the gay pride flag in a past protest in Nairobi.Photo/File

Nineteen students of St Mary's Kibabi Boys High School in Bungoma county have been sent home after being suspected of homosexuality. 

Nine students were sent home last Friday while 10 on Monday.  They are required to report back next week with there parents as the school management investigates the allegations  Principal Mathew Namunwa yesterday told the Star 10 form four and nine form three students were suspended.  

Namanuwa said there had been a debate the previous week between the pro  and anti-homosexuality, which led to divisions among students.  Some of those accused to be gay are suspected to have been practicing it with form one students. 

  Namunwa said since he joined the school last term, no such incidents has ever been reported in the school.  He said after investigations, students found to be homosexual will be counselled.   "We all know this is a societal issue and we cannot pretend or run away from it but discuss it and find a way out," Namunwa said.

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